A cute and floppy dark brown and white mutt named Shasta Bear needed food and she did not know how she was going to get it. She also needed to find her mommy and it was getting dark. Mommy would have to wait though; the Bear needed food now.

“The Bear needs food. Oh, the Bear needs food. Yes, the Bear needs food ASAP. Preferably tacos.” She thought to herself.

She trotted along the shore of Stanley Park sniffing various things, tasting dead crab and other crustaceans to see if they were in fact edible. Mommy said they weren’t on numerous occasions, but the Bear tried them anyway.

“Gross! Fucking gross! Bear not likes.” The Bear hacked out the rancid crab from the back of her throat.

The Bear sat and looked at the water for a minute. She saw some orcas breach out in the distance of Burrard Inlet. She stared intently.

“What the fuck are those things?” Her stomach rumbled and she knew it was time to move on again. “Oh well, Bears never knows about them. Bear hungers. Bears!”

The beach didn’t hold much in the way she could eat.

“This place is stupid. Not enough food for Bears.”

She ventured up into an area where people had picnics in the past.

“Bear smells food. Not good food, but there some food to be has up here for Bears.”

Today was a cold fall day and not many people ventured out to eat in the rain. She munched on a couple of soggy chips that someone had dropped. “Meh. Bear has had better chips. Daddy had better chips. Bear misses mommy.”

Then she headed back down to the beach. Mommy was at the beach, Bear remembered vaguely.

On the beach the Bear heard someone screaming.

“Mommy?! Maybe a Daddy thing?”

She trotted towards the scream-maybe someone wanted to play. Twenty meters down the beach a man was out in the water, his head bobbing up and down. He screamed for help, but the Bear did not know what that meant.

“Human thing wants to play with Bear? Bear plays with human thing!” Shasta plodded her way out to the man in the water. The water was dark and black. The Bear could not see the bottom any more.

The Bear was not a good swimmer and the man tried to grab on to her and use her as floatation. He pulled her under water and she sucked in a lungful of water

“Bear not likes this. Human thing plays too rough. This stupid. Bear done here. Fuck this guy.” The Bear swam back to shore. There she found the man’s towel and a bag filled with food. The man screamed one last time.

“What it want? It shuts up now. It goes away. Leaves Bear be.”

The Bear turned out back to the water and did not see the man anymore. She sniffed the bag again. Inside was an open bag of tortilla chips, and, “Oh my god! TACOS!”

The Bear started to chomp away greedily at the chips. She wanted to try those out first. They were crunchy and salty unlike the chips she found in the grass up at the picnic area. She then moved onto the tacos, the magnificent, delicious tacos on the beach she had been denied her whole life. A dream come true finally!

“Shasta Bear! No!” Mommy yelled from down the beach.

“Shit, a Mommy thing! Bear better hurry up.” The Bear looked up and wagged her tail at the sight and sound of Mommy thing from down the beach. Not much time remained before she arrived, so she chowed down further on the tacos as fast as she could. She didn’t have time to savor the taste of the carnitas, beef tongue, or the al pastor. The salsa was a little too spicy for her liking.

“Not sure why stupid human thing puts salsa on perfectly good taco. Taco not needs.”

Mommy arrived with leash in hand as the bear finished the last of the food. She looked up as mommy kneeled down next to her and gave her a hug.

“Oh, my Bear. Mommy was so worried that she lost you.”

“It okay, Mommy. Bear fine. Bear has tacos at last.”

Mommy looked around the area and didn’t see anyone that the food and towel could potentially belong to.

“Okay, Shasta Bear. We should go before the person comes back from their car and finds that a Bear has eaten all their food.”

The Bear looked up at mommy and wagged her tail. “Okay, Mommy. We goes home now. Shasta Bear cold.”

Thank you to my wife, Joanna, for sending in this prompt and having me write about our lovable pit/lab mix. Shasta Bear is one of the weirdest, but the sweetest dog we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I do hope you enjoyed the story. 

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