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Shasta Bear Goes To Vegas

With a click, the door closed behind Shasta Bear. She was not sure how the door opened, but she just pawed at the handle and the door opened. Mommy did not see it because she was in the bathtub. The… Continue Reading →

Cockroaches: The Uprising

Inside the walls of the Campbell residence, an uprising was about to take foot. You see, the cockroaches of the residence, tired of living in fear of the new outsiders that possessed their territory, had taken up arms. ‚ÄúToday is… Continue Reading →

Shasta Bear: A Short Adventure

A cute and floppy dark brown and white mutt named Shasta Bear needed food and she did not know how she was going to get it. She also needed to find her mommy and it was getting dark. Mommy would… Continue Reading →

Jolly Ol’ Gaspard

Gaspard heard the cock crow in the distance. The sun was short ways of breaking the horizon and officially starting a new day in the village of Drundee. Drundee was a small, quaint village along the banks of the River… Continue Reading →

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