I Killed Bigfoot – Volume 2: The Epic Continues!

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of August! Hopefully, you have both copies of I Killed Bigfoot with you as we transition into the fall season. Fall is my favorite time of year because it begins to cool down (not too much in Southern California) and things feel a little bit more haunted and there is the potential for ghouls around every corner.

I will have some really good scary stories coming out in October. They are not going to be as tame as they were last year. Some of these will be down right disturbing in some ways.

Don’t worry, they are not full of gore or anything like that. There is some blood and a lot more death this time. The goal this time around is to have you read one of these short horrors, put the book down, look over your shoulder, and make sure there isn’t anything there or to have you second guess the person walking behind you down the street.

Anyway. We’re not quite to September yet and this is an October release that I’m talking about.

Back to I Killed Bigfoot!

I Killed Bigfoot continues to flirt around with being in the Top 20 in various categories on Amazon lists. Volume 3 is going to be out in a couple weeks on September 12th. We are also going to get a new cover for Volume 2. Kris, my cover artist, had to get some medical stuff done to hulk his scrawny ass up! No, he’s not on steroids, but this is going to help him get through some stuff and make him even better. Very excited for him.

As always you can see a list of my books here. And the newest edition of I Killed Bigfoot is available at Amazon, iBooks, The Play Store, and Good Reads. I truly do hope you pick up a copy and enjoy it. Please review it wherever you might have picked it up. Help me achieve the dream of writing full time. More updates coming soon!


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