I Killed Bigfoot available in paperback

Over the last few months, I had been asked quite a few times if I Killed Bigfoot would ever be available in paperback. Well, today that has happened. You can now get I Killed Bigfoot in paperback.

This is probably the most popular story that I have written. It’s definitely the one that I have received the most feedback on. After someone has read it they had to bring it up and go over story points with me. I found that quite flattering. So thank you for doing that.

So if you would like to get yourself a copy of I Killed Bigfoot just head to Amazon and type in it into the search. Or if you want to save some time just click here.

And if you see me and want the book signed I will be more than happy to do it.

Maybe you’ll even see a different medium of I Killed Bigfoot in the future. We’ll see if someone in Hollywood is dumb enough to give me money to make this available on screen 😉 .

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