Horrors of the Soul: Now Available!

I hope you are all ready for Halloween and I think this book is going to set the mood for it. Horrors of the Soul is much darker than last year’s Eight Modern Horrors. I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but a lot of emotion went into writing this book. A lot of these stories were written as I was going through an incredible depression. I often thought of taking my own life. You will be able to see the emotions on the page. 

There is definitely a lot of me in these pages. Writing these stories was a great outlet and I am definitely feeling a lot better now because of it. 

A lot of different content is in to Horrors of the Soul. Last year there were LOTS of monsters. Monsters and ghosts do make an appearance this year, but I went with a lot more human elements in this batch of nine stories. With the human element I think it made these darker and are going to make you think twice about turning the lights off at night or if you’re at a park you’ll be looking over your shoulder at the person in a grey hoodie following you. 

On my Facebook page, I did a contest to see who would potentially win a signed copy of the paperback. The winner of that contest is Otto Rogers! Otto I will send you Horrors of the Soul as soon as I possibly can. 

As of writing this the book is currently not available in paperback format on Amazon, nor is it quite available yet on Google or iBooks. That should be fixed soon. Those platforms are taking a bit longer than normal.

I hope you enjoy the book and please after you buy to make sure you give it a five-star review. It helps sales. And also make sure to visit Neghost Stories on The Grave Plot Podcast. I’m going to be filling that thing up throughout October. 

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