Exciting News: My Paperback is in a Store!

If you could not tell by my posts all over social media today I was a little excited. Okay, well a little more than excited. I was pretty fucking pumped and I’ve had a smile on my face for most of the day. It’s been an exciting day!

I know that I don’t have an agent or a six-figure publishing deal, but it’s still really exciting to be in a single bookstore and have my book on the same shelf as Stephen King!


At some point in time, I figured I would have a book out there somewhere. Now that it is in a store… it feels like a dream come true. Eight Modern Horrors is in a bookstore!

Chaucer’s here in Santa Barbara. Maybe I’ll try to get it in a few others. We’ll see how sales here do first. 

That brings me to my next bit of news. I Killed Bigfoot vol. 4 is going to be out this Wednesday. That is also very exciting. Even more exciting is my next horror anthology is going to be out on October 3rd!

I have dubbed the latest book, “Horrors of the Soul: Fables of Desolation and Despair.” 

This book is going to be a lot darker. A lot darker. Eight Modern Horrors I toned down quite a bit to be of a bit wider appeal. This book I have written from a different state of mind. A lot of this reflects my battle with anxiety and depression. There were literal tears shed writing a lot of these stories.

Don’t worry, these are not all uber depressing stories. I think I did a good job of creating some different atmospheres than I did last time. I’m really hoping these make you second guess people walking near you in a park or looking into the doorway of your bedroom as you drift off to sleep. They even may have you think of the world differently.

There is gong to be a cover reveal later this week. Finalizing those details now. 

As always, thank you for reading and check out my books. You can also follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Thank you all for your continued support. It means the world to me. 


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