Invisible – A Short Story

He didn’t remember the exact day he became invisible. But he was now invisible. He could scream at the top of his lungs and people may look in his direction, but it did not appear that they looked right at him. People looked through him. Day after day the people walked by, not even a... Continue Reading →

Hide & Sink

The rains finally relented after what seemed like an endless winter. Another storm hung out in the Atlantic, churning in the warm waters off the coast of South Carolina. Ky looked out the window of his dad's 1989 Nissan truck at the dark clouds and the occasional crack of lighting out on the horizon. The... Continue Reading →

Cockroaches: The Uprising

Inside the walls of the Campbell residence, an uprising was about to take foot. You see, the cockroaches of the residence, tired of living in fear of the new outsiders that possessed their territory, had taken up arms. “Today is a day that will live in infamy,” claimed Gary, the de facto leader and Grand... Continue Reading →

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